A Comparison of Kurt Angle’s Matches Against John Cena in 2002 and The Champ in 2005

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was determined to help John Cena get over after being drafted to RAW in 2005.

During his “Kurt Angle Show,” the Olympian discussed feuding with Cena in 2005 and the build towards their match at WWE Unforgiven. He said,


“They wanted me to get John Cena over even more. He was doing really well at this particular time, but they wanted to give him a little bit more of a push. And so they utilized me to do that.”

Cena would famously debut on WWE programming in 2002 by answering Angle’s open challenge and on his show, the Olympian addressed how Cena had changed. He said,

“Yeah, he was definitely more polished. He was a lot better than he was in his rookie year. I wrestled him probably three or four times during his rookie year, and maybe even more than that in the second year. I know we had some great matches at a couple of pay-per-views. I believe it might have been No Way Out, I think that’s the time when I made him tap out. But John was a lot better at this point in time. He still had room for improvement, but he was getting better.”

Angle also recalled working on-screen with Eric Bischoff who was the RAW General Manager at the time. He said,

“I enjoyed it. I wasn’t a huge fan of Eric, because I didn’t really know him. I thought he was like an a**hole. But meeting him for the first time, he was actually a really cool dude. I really got along with him. No problem there. I just thought he was an arrogant prick and he wasn’t. So it surprised me.”

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle played a significant role in helping John Cena establish himself as a top star in the wrestling industry. In a recent episode of his podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show,” Angle discussed his feud with Cena in 2005 and their match at WWE Unforgiven.

Angle revealed that WWE wanted to give Cena an extra push during that time, as he was already doing well but needed a boost. Angle was chosen to work with Cena and help elevate him even further. This decision showcased the trust and confidence that WWE had in Angle’s abilities to make his opponents look good in the ring.

Reflecting on their first encounter in 2002, when Cena made his debut by answering Angle’s open challenge, Angle acknowledged that Cena had grown significantly as a performer. He mentioned that Cena was more polished and better than he was in his rookie year. Angle had wrestled Cena multiple times during his early years, and they had some memorable matches at pay-per-view events like No Way Out.

Angle also shared his thoughts on working with Eric Bischoff, who was the RAW General Manager at the time. Initially, Angle had a negative perception of Bischoff, considering him to be arrogant. However, upon meeting him, Angle discovered that Bischoff was actually a cool and easygoing person. This experience taught Angle not to judge people based on preconceived notions.

The podcast episode provides an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the wrestling industry and the collaborative efforts of wrestlers to help each other succeed. It highlights the importance of experienced performers like Kurt Angle in mentoring and elevating younger talents like John Cena.

For fans of professional wrestling, this podcast episode offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the industry and sheds light on the efforts made to create compelling storylines and elevate new stars.

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