5 WWE Legends That Best Represent The Spirit Of Christmas

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5 WWE Legends That Best Represent The Spirit Of Christmas

5 WWE legends who best represent the spirit of Christmas

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Christmas is all about the spirit of giving back, the importance and family and compassion for one another. It’s called the greatest time of the year and the joy and festivities certainly make it so. WWE themselves love to celebrate Christmas in their own unique way. Whether it’s entertaining segments, superstars dressing as Santa Claus, Santa getting beaten up, Santa doing the beating up, or all kinds of stipulation matches, they certainly know how to do it right.

There have been several legends through the years who have simply been the most entertaining, larger-than-life personalities who have captured the imagination of millions in the United States and across the world. These superstars have a charm about them, traits that are certainly suitable for Christmas. Let’s take a look at the great heroes (and one non-hero) who represent the spirit of Christmas.

5 WWE legends who best represent the spirit of Christmas

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#5.) Rey Mysterio

Some of you might be wondering why Rey Mysterio is on this list. He may not outright seem like a superstar who represents Christmas, but his character definitely does. When was the last time that Mysterio was even a heel? For many years, he’s always been a great babyface, one who fans were constantly behind.

His love for children, the never-say-die attitude and the pride of his heritage are one of the few traits that make him among the biggest babyfaces ever. He definitely represents the spirit of Christmas!

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bobby heenan

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#4.) Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Bobby Heenan was definitely no babyface. If anything, he was the polar opposite of his fellow broadcast colleague Gorilla Monsoon, a man who was a pure babyface through and through. But it would be a lie to say that Bobby Heenan isn’t one of the most revered and loved characters from the Golden Era.

Yes, he got nasty, he supported cheating and unfairness, but the most important thing was that he was one of the most entertaining personalities of the Golden Era. He and Monsoon were probably the greatest commentary duo in WWE history. Who can forget the comedy gold that took place in the Prime Time Wrestling Christmas special?

It was all about Heenan and Monsoon bickering throughout, in what has been looked back as one of the greatest Christmas moments in WWE history. The late, great Heenan may not have been a hero on-screen, but he certainly was off it, and represents the spirit of Christmas better than almost anyone.


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#3.) John Cena

16 World Championships, being the face of the franchise for over a decade, record merchandise sales, 500+ Make-A-Wish grants, and several other achievements later, it’s safe to say looking back that John Cena has done what few WWE superstars have done in the past. He may have been the most “polarizing” babyface in WWE history (before Roman Reigns took that mantle), but his contribution to the industry and outside can’t be overstated.

It’s well known how popular Cena is with the kids and given how many wishes he’s granted and how many children he’s inspired, it’s clear that his impact has been for the better. Both his on-screen character and real-life personality has made him a role model and he represents all the values associated with Christmas!

5 WWE legends who best represent the spirit of Christmas

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#2.) Bruno Sammartino

The late, great Bruno Sammartino may have been the biggest babyface in wrestling history. He was an Italian immigrant who came to the United States and is the true embodiment of the American dream. Starting from nothing, he scratched and clawed on the way to a path of blood, sweat and tears that led him to become not only a pro-wrestling icon but a pop culture icon.

He was the first true face of WWE and was looked up to as a hero as his popularity expanded beyond the Northeastern territory of WWWF. He was known as a man of the people, a man who had a great heart and was a champion in and out of the ring, far beyond his combined 11 years as WWE Champion.

mick foley

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#1.) Mick Foley

Is there any better Santa Claus in WWE history than Mick Foley? Apart from just his incredible characters and what they stood for, Foley hasn’t hidden his love for Christmas and celebrates it with his family in special fashion. He eats, sleeps and breathes Christmas and his love for the festival has translated into his very own Christmas book!