5 NXT Superstars Who Are Ready To Move On To RAW Or SmackDown

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5 NXT Superstars Who Are Ready To Move On To RAW Or SmackDown

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Survivor Series 2019 was a huge push for the NXT brand – the biggest that it had ever received in its history. It was a clear platform for the superstars of the yellow and gold brand to step up and to say that they stepped up and delivered would be a massive understatement. They delivered and more, having repeated star-making performances and coming out of Survivor Series as the victors, outperforming both RAW and SmackDown.

With the USA Network move this past September, NXT has fully been established as the third brand, which means that the term “call-up” isn’t one that should be used anymore. There will, however, eventually have to be superstars that transition over to RAW or SmackDown (and hopefully, vice versa to keep the balance) and there is currently a whole crop of superstars who are ready and should be expecting a main roster move in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

#5.) Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne is only 26 years old but feels like he’s accomplished a lot already. With just one month shy of a 2-year reign as WWE United Kingdom Champion, The Bruiserweight moved on to the main NXT brand, where he has been an NXT title challenger as well. One of his only problems is that his character arc hasn’t progressed all too much since his face turn and he needs to grow more in that department.

Otherwise, he has exactly what it takes to make it big and has likely done all he can for the yellow and gold brand. Hopefully, he gets a big push towards RAW or SmackDown soon and becomes a big star in the long run.

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