5 Natural Babyfaces Who Struggled As A Heel In WWE

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5 Natural Babyfaces Who Struggled As A Heel In WWE

AJ Styles

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

No matter how many great, world-class talents we see in WWE, the reality is that the number of superstars who can pull of the role of both a heel and a babyface are far and few in between. It’s a rare trait that even many of the all-time greats were not able to pull off that well. For example, Goldberg was never a great heel, nor was Sting. In that same regard, Ric Flair was always a far superior heel than he was a babyface, while his adversary Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat had “babyface” written all over him.

It’s not a bad thing – it’s just that many find their spot in either role and latch on to it as they find they’re stronger suited to that character. While the ability to fall into both roles perfectly is rare, the reality is also that other superstars are generally suited to one particular role and play off that very well.

In many cases in WWE history, we’ve seen heels have failed babyface turns and vice versa. This list is to look at the latter category of natural babyfaces who struggled as heels in certain parts of their career. It doesn’t mean that they never had a successful heel run – it’s just that at that stage of time, they just wouldn’t get over as a bad guy.

Becky Lynch

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

#5.) Becky Lynch – 2018

Becky Lynch was a very popular babyface among fans but it was clear that the WWE brass didn’t view her as a main eventer. That was all until 2018, when she low-key began to string an incredible win-streak that led her to a SmackDown Women’s title opportunity at SummerSlam. Of course, like she had previously, Charlotte Flair stole her spotlight and won the title by pinning her instead, causing Lynch to snap and turn heel.

The problem? The WWE Universe cheered Becky Lynch more than ever and the reaction she got was the polar opposite of what was expected. WWE tried hard to push her as a heel and even put the title on her, but each week they tried to portray her as a heel, fans protested and only cheered for her. The louder the cheers got, she would quietly turn face again and add an Austin-like edge to her character. It kickstarted a historic run that culminated with her standing tall at the main event of WrestleMania 35.

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