5 Losses That Kickstarted Incredible WWE Runs

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5 Losses That Kickstarted Incredible WWE Runsdaniel bryan

They say that in WWE – wins and losses don’t matter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Stars are made upon these wins and losses and it’s abundantly clear that the perception of superstars has a lot to do with their win-loss record. However, there have been times where stars have been made based on a loss.

The art of looking good after defeat is something very rare, but when it happens, it’s absolutely magical. Superstars can still maintain their momentum despite the defeat and have even gone on to bigger and better things. In other cases, it was fan protest and reaction that changed things entirely, particularly when they were dissatisfied with the defeat.

With that being said, here are five particular losses that began incredible runs for superstars in WWE. Before starting off, we’d like to mention that the order of this list is purely based on the order of the year and not the impact of the circumstance.

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