5 Best WWE Matches Of 1998

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5 Best WWE Matches Of 1998best triple h title defenses

1998 was the beginning of the Attitude Era and the biggest turning point in WWE history. Don’t be mistaken – 1998 wasn’t the year where WWE began non-PG content, but it was the year where they fully transitioned into it. The most important milestone of 1998 was the coronation of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin at WrestleMania 14, where he became WWF Champion and the face of WWE.

It had taken a long time for WWF to find a superstar with the popularity and drawing ability of Hulk Hogan, but Austin’s rise to the top and the transition into the Attitude Era went hand-in-hand. It was the beginning of another massive boom period for WWE – one that would see them make more money than any point in history in the past.

There were quite a few great matches too and the chaos of the Attitude Era saw WWE programming become more refreshing than ever. Here are the five best matches from 1998.

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