5 Best WWE Christmas Moments

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5 Best WWE Christmas Moments

5 Best WWE Christmas Moments

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Pro wrestling is a wonderful thing. Apart from just great matches that see two or more superstars put their bodies on line and the larger than life characters, one of the best parts of wrestling is how it can get absolutely goofy and fun at any given time. It doesn’t always have to be dark and serious. WWE, like all of us, loves Christmas and also loves giving their own spin on the great festival.

Over the years, we’ve seen many incredible moments, with WWE having their own “Christmas miracles” and Santa Claus and the weirdest celebrations you can think of. But it’s these unconventional celebrations that make it so fun. When they get light-hearted, it’s a moment that anyone can enjoy with their friends and family.

We take a look at the five best Christmas moments in WWE history.

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