5 Best Feuds For Rey Mysterio As United States Champion

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5 Best Feuds For Rey Mysterio As United States Champion

rey mysterio

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When Rey Mysterio left WWE in 2014, it was clear that his popularity had taken a hit and his time with the company was simply done. Time away can be a good thing, which is exactly what Mysterio had before deciding to re-sign with the company four years later. Since then, he’s had something of a career resurgence.

Interestingly, he’s been in storylines where he’s the “grizzled old veteran” whose best days are behind him when he’s a stronger and more improved in-ring performer than he was before. He’s not like other veterans who have slowed down. Despite the risky luchador style of his, he’s managed to maintain good health and have a run without sustaining any major long-term injuries.

He lost the WWE title match to Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series 2019 but would go on to win the United States Championship from AJ Styles just one night later. Here are the five best possible feuds for the new champion.

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#5.) Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre was one of the superstars who Rey Mysterio had to overcome to earn a title shot against AJ Styles. He presents another much larger superstar and when there’s the size difference and the underdog dynamic, Rey Mysterio thrives more than anybody else. Add to the fact that he’ll get to compete against a World-Class wrestler in McIntyre, their styles seem to complement each other and will likely translate very well in the ring.

To add to it, McIntyre’s “bully” character works well against Mysterio and would translate to some great storytelling.

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