205 Live Results (11/29/19): Angel Garza Takes On Jack Gallagher

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205 Live Results (11/29/19): Angel Garza Takes On Jack Gallagher

205 Live is back again this week, after taking a short break last week. Tonight’s episode picks up right where things left off, though, as Ariya Daivari and Raul Mendoza are set to go at it, as well as Angel Garza and Jack Gallagher taking each other on in a match.

For the full results of Friday’s 205 Live, check out below:

Ariya Daivari defeats Raul Mendoza via pinfall.

This one got off to an incredible start right away, as both Daivari and Mendoza went at it from the start. After both superstars traded blows for some time, Mendoza landed a dropkick to Daivari that nearly ended things. However, Daivari was able to get himself back together, taking a buzzsaw kick from Mendoza before landing a hammer lock lariat for the win.

Danny Burch defeats Greg Williams via pinfall.

This one was a pretty easy victory for Burch, who absolutely brutalized Williams. From the start, Burch took control of things, and was able to come away with a win after a relatively short match, that ended with a DDT from Burch.

Angel Garza defeats Jack Gallagher via pinfall.

The final match of the night saw both Garza and Gallagher going at it in a big match, but it was Garza who was able to come away with the win. After a fairly long contest, Gallagher finally looked to be in a great position to win, as he landed a Gentleman’s Dropkick onto Garza. However, Garza was able to get a foot up on the rope to stop the count. From there, Gallagher locked in a Guillotine on Garza, but Garza was able to get back up, spin Gallagher into a turnbuckle, and land a Wing Clipper for the victory. Following the match, a livid Gallagher was seen throwing water bottles and chairs around. After attempting to attack a security team, Gallagher then delivered a headbutt to Drake Maverick, who arrived to try and intervene.

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