205 Live Results (1/3/20): Tony Nese Takes On Angel Garza

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205 Live Results (1/3/20): Tony Nese Takes On Angel Garza

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After a week off to celebrate thew new year, 205 Live is back again this week. Tonight’s episode featured a handful of big matches, including Ariya Daivari taking on Danny Burch, and Angel Garza going up against Tony Nese in the main event.

For the full results of Friday’s 205 Live, check out below:

Ariya Daivari defeats Danny Burch via pinfall

This one ended with some help from Brian Kendrick. During the match, Daivari looked ready to lose after missing a diving splash and being caught in a cross face by Burch. However, a mystery man in a mask distracted the referee, which allowed Daivari to land a low blow on Burch before hitting a wrist lock lariat for the win. After the match, Kendrick took the mask off and addressed the crowd, stain that he founded the Cruiserweight division and is the best thing to happen to it. Afterwards, he landed the Sliced Bread #2 on Burch to end things.

The Singh Brothers defeats Anthony Storm & Corey Wayne via pinball

This was a pretty straightforward match, as The Singh Brothers dominated from the start. Things ended when Samir landed a wheel kick, which led into the Singhs hitting a double superkick followed by the Bollywood Blast for the win.

Angel Garza defeats Tony Nese via pinfall

This was quite the main event between two of the brightest and best stars in 205 Live. After battling back and forth for a majority of the match, things came to a close when Nese locked Garza in a Boston crab. After getting to the ropes, Garza was then subjected to a German suplex which nearly ended the match. However, Garza was able to reverse a move from Nese and land the Wing Clipper on him for the victory.

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