205 Live Results (1/24/20): Lio Rush Takes On Tony Nese

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205 Live Results (1/24/20): Lio Rush Takes On Tony Nese

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205 Live is back again this week, and with another big episode planned. Tonight sees a handful of incredible matches, including Tyler Breeze taking on Ariya Daivari, Lio Rush and Tony Nese going at it, and Brian Kendrick taking on Danny Burch.

For the full results of Friday’s 205 Live, check out below:

Tyler Breeze defeats Ariya Daivari via pinfall

Breeze and Daivari once again took each other on, and it was once again Breeze who walked away with a win. Breeze was able to get the victory after countering a lariat from Daivari, which allowed Breeze to quickly go in and pin him for the victory.

Brian Kendrick defeats Danny Burch via pinfall

Burch looked like he would be able to grab a victory early on in the match, as he maintained control over Kendrick for most of the contest. However, late interference from Ariya Daivari ended any hope for Burch, as he showed up to help take down Burch, who was then pinned by Kendrick for the victory.

Tony Nese defeats Lio Rush via count-out

Nese and Rush battled it out to close tonight’s episode of 205 Live, and things ended in a bit of a chaotic way. Late in the match, Lio and Nese began battling at the top of the turnbuckle, where they then both fell off and onto the floor. Nese proceeded to land a couple of hits onto Rush before dumping him over the announce table. From there, Nese ran back into the ring, allowing the referee to count Rush out and give Nese the victory in a surprising way.

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