2 Chilly Scorpio on His Shoot Fight with Highway Warrior Hawk in North Korea In-Depth

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2 Chilly Scorpio on His Shoot Fight with Highway Warrior Hawk in North Korea In-Depth
With on tale of of Appalachian Championship Wrestling for serving to living up the interview
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My AWA Wrestler says this plugin is mammoth!! Also with north korea ork remove me straight from the origin what the source of friction was as soon as between you two guys frisk convinced me was as soon as this he was as soon as pals with aptitude and he thought that he was as soon as going to remove .

Up for aptitude uh on tale of i acknowledged oh that allow that bawl by himself talking about aptitude and hawk thought that he would step up for him and shield him says what did you remark and so i had to repeat myself and i don't know after which i turn round .

I will repeat myself and says i don't know if it was as soon as it the the the or the f that you just didn't realize and uh after that he acknowledged edward next thing i was as soon as working with his ass so that you just realize it is far what it is far it was as soon as over on the .

Peace treaty thing what admire if i was as soon as attempting to or nothing but you ain't gonna disrespect me one thing that ain't gonna whoop your ass or in fact gonna gain correct into a fight spend lose a plot you're gonna know your ass you're gonna fight one formula or the diverse so you did an out of this world job censoring your self the assign you mandatory to as neatly yeah .

So remove me into uh the the true fight itself so that you just so hawk is taken up for aptitude you answer shield your self how who thru the nice he walks aid to me he goes he throws a punch at me and stuff admire duck you assign my attacker about thrice merely on the bus and stuff on all of a .

Unexpected um he steps aid i step aid i rip up my shirt i soar aid in my chest i'm wearing a swimsuit a tie so that you just realize it's a lot like i'm more or less constricted on tale of i do know what i will enact if i ain't got my swimsuit on i'm my my dad was as soon as a official boxer i'm move to glove boxer gain kickboxing .

So forth so i had some skills in my background and also you don't know the intention to give protection to myself so i deem as soon as i attacked it two or thrice eastern boys jumped on me they more or less held me aid he swung again he uncared for fell down in the seat he more or less got up on top of me was as soon as attempting to throw punches .

Hit nothing but air um as i rupert duke round him on tale of of muhammad ali at the least i got it aid up on top of him i was as soon as beating down i reached in went in and started pulling his ogle man and i crooked it and i was as soon as on my formula out i wasn't pull his ogle out and feed it to him i imply .

You realize i'm the assign i come from if you happen to're hungry and also you wish one thing i'm gonna give you stuff so i was as soon as going up to zion and jumping boys grabbing his eyes coming out he's initiating to bleed down his ogle and stuff admire that he pulled me aid and more or less separated us a slight bit bit and he acknowledged one thing else and i went aid in threw .

A straight merely kick down the bus and kicked them merely in the face and jumped on them again man they pulled me off of these items so and it was as soon as that after that man i realized that we was as soon as on a peace treaty thing in the guts of the bus in the guts of the avenue and i'm whooping this ass but yeah we're each .

From the united states we're supposed to be over on a peace treaty supposedly what i'm asserting it's admire yeah that's why they don't let people positively they rattling nation on tale of they don't know the intention to act and i'm asserting but at the least i had to work with his ass and .

we gain to the keep we got to move to this five-yr-outdated college 500 euro temple keep to move respect one in every of the notorious kings dad uncle somebody that passed so as we're making our formula to the temple i apologized each person on the bus been educated eastern vogue realizing i up so i .

Say regret for each person remark i'm sorry i arise the hawk and i acknowledged yo bro i'm sorry man they acknowledged the region for this thing's a lot like you yeah we gain aid to japan man we're gonna enact this i admire cold we gotta portray you the intention to play i'm gonna be jazzed honest this was as soon as factual a model of what you gotta gain what i'm asserting so .

You realize and as we're talking yeah he's admire don't touch me don't touch me he takes two steps in entrance of me he turns and throws a punch as hard as he can hits me in the face and i'm admire my sister hits harder than that so i went after me what i'm asserting so i'm gonna be his ass again and .

After that the eastern boys got in entrance of us and we never in fact ever had of endeavor to enact that what i imply i thought i was as soon as gonna gain the chance to enact it down there in wcw when me endeavor him was as soon as in the locker room but uh he acknowledged one thing appealing .

About howdy scorpio could well remove a punch and i acknowledged howdy if each person don't be taught about it they don't want to know about it except you would like to gain some more that's what i'm going to remove this merely now it's going to be cold it ain't even rate it what i'm asserting so all of us honest the assign did the shiv come from the shift came from after that after the .

First evening and after the went down the fight went down i'm thinking this motherfucker's gonna come aid at me and the assign i come from you ain't gonna clutch me very handy with out a weapon i will compose a weapon out of virtually any goddamn thing i'm continuously gonna maintain a weapon don't deem that you just don't clutch me if the .

Enemy is snoozing so we went to uh dinner admire dinner um stainless-steel chopsticks um they had the uh bulletproof field upstairs the assign his father acknowledged see the portray and stuff admire that and it factual came about so that next to me was as soon as an empty intention and had a pair .

Of extra chopsticks so even with my chopsticks i would eat with one drop one spend it up ride in my pocket remove one from the diverse aspect pass it over drop the diverse one spend it up ride in my pocket being the scouse borrow i beat one attempting to have shut but i mandatory a weapon so i seen they had been stainless-steel so when i got .

Them aid to the hotel i had to originate up the window and that outdated college concrete seal and i factual began sharpening them down a slight bit bit more on that concrete ended up taping them collectively and striking a deal with on it the assign i will shield it and walked round running for the following couple days factual if you happen to .

Know you would like to gain out of hand and talking to shaded cat he kept asserting please don't please don't he goes if you happen to waste him over here if you happen to could well maintain to waste him over here i'm doubtless would maintain aloof been in north korea merely now to this enlighten yeah what i imply so if it wasn't from him i doubtless would maintain accomplished him .

Over there and by the level we got to japan and we he had already kissed the bait up so by that time it was as soon as all honest my time we got to japan but i didn't have faith him after that you
Meet this orderly wrestling match.

2 Chilly Scorpio on His Shoot Fight with Highway Warrior Hawk in North Korea In-Depth

2 Cold Scorpio on His Shoot Fight with Road Warrior Hawk in North Korea In-Depth